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2. Nothin' But Blues, w/CD

Price: $15.90
Item Number: 7543
Publisher: Aebersold
Beginning/Intermediate. The blues have contained the very essence of the jazz sound since the 1920s. A player who masters the sound and feel of the blues will play other jazz tunes in a manner that will inspire the listener. Contains 11 different blues melodies and is a natural follow-up to Volume 1 or Volume 21. Tempos are not fast. Presented in various keys with a variety of moods from slow to rock. Chords and scales are written in the staff for each track.

Rhythm Section: Dan Haerle (p); Rufus Reid (b); Mike Hyman (d)

# Mr. Super Hip
# Horizontal (C Blues)
# 6/8 Modal Blues
# Slow Blues In G
# Slow Blues In F
# Fast Blues In F
# Fast Blues In Bb
# Minor Blues In C
# Home Stretch
# Long-Meter Jazz/Rock
# Bird Blues

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