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Arkis-Schuckman: Choral Sight Singer

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Publisher: Carl Fischer

Review: It is the purpose of this book to further the development of sight singing skills and to increase the knowlede of music theory as begun in 'An Introduction to Sight Singing.' While this book uses the principles of the 'movable do' system, the teacher may wish to use another system such as the 'fixed do,' numbers, or a neutral syllable. The Choral Sight Singer is systematically structured!

Songlist: The Bass Clef, Duets in the Treble and Bass Clefs, The Key of A Major, The Key of A Minor, The Key of D Minor, Five Quarter Time, Modulation to the Dominant, Alla breve, The Key of E Major, The Key of E Minor, Syncopation, The Key of G Minor, Modulation to the Subdominant, Transient Modulation of the Subdominant in the Minor, The Key of B Major, Modulation to the Relative Minor, Modulation to the Relative Major, Chromaticism

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