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Bassoon - Meinhart/Schreiber

Price: $2,500.00
Item Number: 53460

Well-maintained bassoon in good shape.  Plays well and in tune.  Solid case.

Recently overhauled by Paul Nordby, including:

Scrape & seal tone holes with polyurethane

Lightly sand the unlined portion of the bore

Oil bath for 3 days in sweet almond oil

Buff keys, body bands and posts

Install cork on tenor joint tenon

Install thread on the long joint tenons and add paraffin

Install new pads

Secure loose posts

Secure boot body band

Secure bell ring

Replace springs

Seal boot cap with silicone rubber

Install new cork on the U-Cap

Install new corks, felts and leathers

Tighten & regulate mechanisms

Grease & oil mechanisms

Recork the bocal

Reinstall body lock

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