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Collection: Canons, Catches & Rounds (Kazez) for 3 & 4 bass clef instruments

Price: $10.00
Item Number: 4834
Publisher: Southern


1. Knave Must Be Knave- Henry Purcell

2. He Who Is Giddy- Henry Purcell

3. Now That the Spring- John Hilton

4. Come, Honest Friends- Simon Ives

5. To Thee and to a Maid- Henry Purcell

6. This Hour, My Bonny Lads- William Crawford

7. Come, Pretty Maidens- John Jenkins

8. Canon Three In One- William Byrd

9. Hold Thy Peace- Anonymous

10. Come, Merry Men, Follow- John Hilton

11. 'Tis Too Late for a Coach- Henry Purcell


12. To Portsmouth, To Portsmouth- Anonymous

13. John Digs- Jon Blow

14. As I Was Walking- Anonymous

15. 'Tis Woman- Henry Purcell

16. Banbury Ale- Anonymous

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