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LaMonica, Vincent: Sonatina, op. 14 for bassoon & piano

Price: $12.95
Item Number: 50026
Publisher: T.D. Ellis

Sonatina for bassoon and piano, Op. 14, is a one-movement work based upon a set of falling pitches.  These pitches, which form patterns of major thirds followed by minor seconds, create a fluid motion between false tonics.  Changes in rhythm combined with inversions create a constant sense of rising and falling throughout the work, which are further emphasized through dynamics and tempi.  Sonatina moves through different grooves, dances, and gentle moments to explore this pattern of ascent and descent.  The piece ends in the result of this constant descent, using the lowest pitches of the piano and bassoon, involving an extension to the instrument.  The ending pitches form a tritone, but are designed to feel as sonorous as a slow cadence.  The work involves incredible technique inspired by the talent and musicianship of one of my dearest friends, Emily Olmstead.

Many thanks are also in order for bassoonist Ronald Haroutunian, pianist Jennifer Elowsky–Fox, and sound engineer William Jones for their diligent work recording and editing this piece, as well as composer Kenneth Fuchs for his guidance throughout the creation of the piece. - Vincent LaMonica

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