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Newman, Anthony: Equal-Tempered Pianoforte - 12 Preludes & Fugues in ascending key order, complete

Price: $89.95
Item Number: 970
Publisher: T.D. Ellis
All 12 Preludes & Fugues.  Each volume is also available individually.

volume 1
Prelude & Fugue in C
Prelude in Db & Double Fugue in C#
Overture & Fugue in D

volume 2
Prelude in Eb & Fugue in D#
Toccata & Fugue in E
Fantasy & Fugue in F

volume 3
Adagio Lacrimae & Fugue in F#
Grand Rondo in G
Prelude in G# & Fugue in Ab

volume 4
Prelude a la giga & Fugue in A
Prelude con fuoco & Fugue in Bb
Prelude & Fugue in B

C - A brilliant prelude followed by a complex stretto fugue.

Db - called 'the Schubert' , the prelude features a 19th century tune with 20 century harmonies.  The double fugue is a large ABA piano fantasy. 

D - Originally commissioned by Margaret Mills, the prelude is a French Ouverture including a middle fugal section. The following fugue is martial and steadfast in nature

Eb - the prelude is a transcription of my song 'How Sweet the Moonlight' and is followed by a sardonic fugue in Eb minor

E - The prelude is a brilliant, difficult, but happy toccata, followed by a massive fugue in e minor  

F - This prelude is modeled on Bach's Organ Fantasy in g.  It is moody yet optimistic.  The fugue subject and character are the same in mood and texture

F# - The prelude is like a late romantic Liszt work, with the feelings of moths and birds, whereas the fugue is serene, becoming brilliant towards the end.

G - In this work the fugue is contained within the prelude, which opens with a catchy tune in the minor.

G# - A storm is depicted in the prelude, whereas the fugue is quiet and chromatic

A - The prelude is a huge gigue-like movement, and the fugue equally optimistic but in 4/4 time

Bb - This is my most stormy piano prelude describing the forces of hell against celestial angels.  In the fugue the universe defeats the chaos and rescues us wandering souls!

B - The prelude is pure sunlight, while the fugue a quiet gigue-light work, more like moonlight.

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