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Newman, Anthony: 8 Grand Etudes for piano

Price: $19.95
Item Number: 47433
Publisher: T.D. Ellis
composed in 2012, 46 pages

The first étude is modeled on Chopin's first: a harmonic study with very fast notes.

Étude 2 is taken from the chorus "Take Off Your Shoes" from my "Angel Oratorio" and is a variation on it.

Étude 3 is in the phrygian  mode and is a simple series of chords with quick notes added. 

Étude 4 is a reduction of one of the quick choruses from my "Requiem". 

Étude 5 is a brilliant piano piece, Stravinsky-like in G minor. 

In étude 6 I have taken the famous "Ave Maria" of Josquin and transcribed it for piano.

Étude 7 is a free fantasy on Stravinsky's "Reynard".

My last étude is a quick variation on the tune "My Country 'Tis of Thee".

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