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Svoboda, Richard: Daily Scale Exercises for bassoon

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Richard Svoboda is the principal bassoonist of the Boston Symphony.  The man knows a few things about practicing.

This book of daily scale exercises is intended for the advanced bassoonist to be used during the course of a normal warm-up routine. It can also be used as a means to improve technical proficiency, broaden range, and become more comfortable playing in difficult key signatures. It is my hope that these exercises will provide an enjoyable way to routinely play through the major, minor, and chromatic scales, throughout the practical range of the bassoon, in a relatively concise manner. 

This book is organized in two main sections. Each section consists of identical material with the exception that, while the first part ascends to high C, part two extends the upper range of the exercises and includes more difficult key signatures. Being relatively gentler, the first part works more ideally as a warm-up exercise. Part two is useful for improving and making more routine the facility in the upper high register, but the increased technical demands make it feel much more like a workout than a warm-up.

The tempi given are intended for the advanced bassoonist who knows these exercises well. One can also use slower tempi, if desired or necessary, and faster tempi in order to develop better facility. 

Finally, you will find that the major-mode exercises in this book are easily memorized. Doing so will allow you to have a well-organized warm-up at your disposal at any time, even if this book happens to be elsewhere. 

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